2018 Pacific Grove City Council Candidate LandWatch Questionnaire Responses

All candidates are in alphabetical order

Land Use Policy - Affordable Housing

Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
What is your position on affordable housing? Please be specific with regards to policies you support or oppose. I support affordable housing.  First, we need to resolve the water crisis before we can build because of the court order of "ceast and desist".  Once that is resolved any future housing development must include affordable housing. I support the policies in the Pacific Grove General Plan Housing Element, including the housing rehabilitation loan, sewer lateral loan, and rental assistance programs; accessory dwelling unit development; and preservation of the City's historic homes and its zoned mobile home park.

We need to develop a downtown plan to promote business and provide housing as well as to incentivize affordable housing in the Forest Hill Commercial District.  However, the City presently can do little to promote affordable housing because of a lack of potable water.  The City also is landlocked and built out, so there has been little housing built other than new or remodeled single units.
We are in desperate need of affordable and workforce housing. This is a regional issue that requires all cities in Monterey County to participate. I support the bill Governor Brown signed into law on September 27, 2016, to increase the supply of affordable housing, known as the Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). This new law greatly expanded an owner or developer’s ability to build a second residential dwelling unit on their property and simultaneously restricts a city’s discretionary and regulatory authority over such development. Cities, counties, and utility districts have been required to relax their regulations to facilitate the construction of ADUs, rather than unduly burdening their development.  The City of Pacific Grove did a good job in amending its zoning code to comply with this new law, yet at the same time protecting its standards and oversight of development.  My belief is that it is a regional issue rather then a city issue.  Federal, State and County entities are more equipped to provide the resources then cities.  I am most supportive of workforce housing. I support affordable housing and believe it should be made available
Do you support modifying city policies to make it easier and cheaper to build housing? If so, what specific policy changes do you support? I support modifying city policy but the affordable housing must look similar to the Pebble Beach low cost housing. We should avoid rezoning residential properties to commercial-only use and promote fee reductions/streamlining permit processes.  The City Planning Commission, of which I am a member, is reviewing a revised ordinance to allow for more flexible residential parking that would encourage further housing development on site.  I support  those changes.  Yes. The City of Pacific Grove did a good job in amending its zoning code to comply with the new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) law. Pacific Grove already does not receive as much in fees as it costs to monitor new building.  With limited land and no water it is pretty difficult for the city to be involved in affordable housing construction. Having built a home from the ground up in the city of pacific grove, I believe the process works well. But I always believe in being open to new suggestions and better ways.
Do you support requiring developers to actually build inclusionary units instead of paying an “in lieu” fee? Yes The Pacific Grove Housing Element has policies addressing affordable housing development.  There are no provisions for paying "in lieu" fees.  I support that approach. Yes Yes I do.  My experience has been "in lieu" fees always disappear and are not used for the purpose collected. Yes
Do you support requiring that “inclusionary housing” units be made permanently affordable, even upon resale? If not, please explain. Yes, because of my experience in housing in a affordable development, the city required the price of the resale only rise 1-2% a year. Pacific Grove has a policy to preserve affordable, deed-restricted units from being converted to market-rate housing.  I support that policy. Yes Yes I do. Yes
Do you support requiring developers of hospitality, commercial and industrial projects that significantly increase demand for already scarce housing resources to also build workforce housing? Yes Recent larger commercial development proposals in Pacific Grove already have been approved with housing.  The City also has policies including density bonuses to encourage development of workforce housing, which I support. Yes It would seem to be good business to do so as good workers gat scarce and the community becomes less affordable.  It would be pretty tough to make in a requirement and be able to be enforced. I believe this should be worked into negotiations before the project begins, ensuring all sides are willing and able participants.
What other housing policies do you support or oppose? I support short term rentals in Pacific Grove because we would have to cut 1.2 million from the budget which would be devestating. I propose that Pacific Grove annex the Mission Laundry property -- a county island in the City -- and convene meetings with the property owner, developers, and others to determine the feasibility of developing that site for housing. Requiring low income housing for all new projects and as said in previous responses above. I believe cities, where possible, should build workforce housing and make it available to their employees.

Water Supplies

Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
What specific proposals do you support to ensure your community can meet its water demands without over-drafting groundwater aquifers or, if you live on the Monterey Peninsula, also the Carmel River? Desal Plant, Carmel River Project, and the deep sea slant.  The projects must be environmental sound, however the desal plant in Marina has already gone through several environmental studies.  CPUC is probably going to recomment this project.  Realize, no water=no housing or people who want to build on their lots or modify their home to add the a bathrooml We need Pure Water recycling, conservation, and a desalination plant. Since our current Mayor and Council support short-term rentals (STRs), I support Measure M which limits STRs to the Coastal Zone and Commercial districts.  Single-family residences that are currently being rented out as STR’s use much more water than the original intent of a single-family dwelling.  More gray water recycling, cisterns, needs to be promoted and incorporated with development – the city should offer incentives for practicing these types of water conservation.  Specifically for Pacific Grove our underground streams need to be tapped into. I support desalinization and have for years.  I, however, think the People's Moss Landing Project to be the most feasible of all the projects.
Do you support expansion of Pure Water Monterey as an alternative to building a desalination plant? yes Pure Water Monterey should be expanded to help assure an adequate supply of water. I would support the expansion of Pure Water Monterey only because control would remain with Monterey One Water and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. The representatives of MOW and the MPWMD are local representatives both elected by their respective cities.  However, I am uncomfortable with the idea that ag runoff will be part of the PWM project. No!  Recycling filth in untested ways is not a road I want to go down.  Having small children I am concerned with the quality of water from the project and how it will effect their long term health.

Sprawl Reduction

Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
Do you support the creation of “urban growth boundaries” or expansion of the existing boundary as a way to prevent urban sprawl, and to insure that future growth is compact, efficient, and protective of the environment? If not, what measures would you support to prevent urban sprawl? If yes, will you sponsor an urban growth boundary in the upcoming year, and make it one of your top three priorities When I hear urban growth boundarys, I think of when I worked in San Jose.  I would recommend that any future growth does not impact the environment. Urban growth boundaries do not apply to Pacific Grove, as the City is built out.  The use of this concept has been successful in preventing urban sprawl in Oregon, where I once served on a planning commission in Medford. Yes, I do support the creation of “urban growth boundaries” or expansion of the existing boundary as a way to prevent urban sprawl, and to insure that future growth is compact, efficient, and protective of the environment.  And yes, I will sponsor (or help) an urban growth boundary in the upcoming year, and make it one of my top three priorities. Yes.  I don't know what power Pacific Grove has and we have a lot big problems so I don't know that it would be a top three priority but it would be something I'd support. I believe in city planning that protects our environment.


Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
New commercial developments and hotels create more trips and additional vehicle miles travelled on already overcrowded roads and highways. Both residents and visitors pay the price of delay and increased pollution. What specific traffic congestion relief solutions do you support? Creat walkability areas for our city and bicycles borrowed to go from one city to another.  Similar to what San Francisco has.  I would also expand bike lanes and creat trails similar to the pathway between Monterey and Pacific Grove. Commercial properties and new hotels on "greenfield" sites create the need for infrastructure development; i.e., wider roads, street signals, sidewalks, storm drains, etc.  Because Pacific Grove is built out and has little space for new development, the need for such infrastructure requirements is greatly diminished.  Pacific Grove needs to develop a downtown plan that would address, in part, traffic and parking capacity.  Widening of Highway 156. More hospitality establishments providing shuttle service from the airport. The MST trolley is a great asset and more cities should have it available, with the smaller buses being utilized in small towns like Pacific Grove. More means of carpooling locally and better bike lanes regionally. Encourage employers to support working from home situations and/or flexible schedules when applicable. I think Uber and MST could reduce many of the trips.  If the Aquarium limited their daily attendance it would be very helpful. We must keep up with scheduled maintenance of our roads.
Do you support roundabouts on Highway 68 and other roads? What other transportation policies or practices have you seen that local governments should incorporate? yes, roundabouts work.  68 has been a big relief.  Cities I have traveled in Europe and some areas of California have roundabouts and it relieves traffic.  Government that has new main roads being built needs to include a roundabout. Yes.  Roundabouts facilitate traffic flow, as shown near the Pebble Beach gate on Highway 68/Highway 1.  Because of the popularity of car week, cities in the region should coordinate parking to avoid traffic gridlock -- something that is done for the AT&T golf tournament.  In some urban areas, large employers are required to have ride-sharing/trip reduction programs for their employees. Yes, roundabouts are very effective and I have seen dramatic improvements of my commute via the Holman Highway roundabout. All cities should have the MST Trolley running on weekends year round, every day during the summer, and on holidays. In Pacific Grove there have been few policies or practices that have helped the problem.  I think a small bus running throughout the city would be great and well used.  Roundabouts work in some areas and anything that helps move traffic along helps. The roundabout at highway 68 and highway 1 has been very successful in my opinion. I support innovative traffic solutions presented by transportation experts.

Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA)

Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
What is your position on the Fort Ord Reuse Authority? Do you believe the Authority has achieved its original goals? If so, what evidence do you cite? I believe the Fort Ord Reuse Authority has achieved many of it goals, i.e. housing, motels, CSUMB FORA has achieved many of its original goals, including facilitating housing and commercial development, the campus of the California State University - Monterey Bay, and a new VA clinic.  A significant portion of munitions demolition also has been accomplished. Pacific Grove should remove itself from FORA.  Nothing has been gained by being a member for Pacific Grove.  No, I do not believe FORA has achieved its original goals.
I do not believe it has.  It has dragged on way too long.  The original concept that it was going to be a shining example of base reuse has not happened.  The delays in building removal, the allowing on decent building falling into disrepair and vast, unused parking lots is incredible. I look forward to seeing their 18 month out plan, this December.
Which do you support: 1) sunsetting the Authority in 2020 as current legislation contemplates or 2) extending the Authority beyond that date? If you support extending it, please explain why. If all goals have been accomplished by 2020, then sunset it.  If not, we need to extend it the recommended levels of the Authority. FORA should be continued and adjusted in size to fulfill unfinished goals that cannot be undertaken by other agencies. The cities impacted by decisions of FORA include Seaside, Marina, Del Rey Oaks, and Monterey County.  When the extension was granted to 2020 FORA was required to prepare a formal Transition Plan.  My understanding is this has not been done.  FORA knew they have until 2020 and should have “fast-tracked” all remaining issues.  FORA is requesting another eight (8) years.  The representatives for each respective city have the knowledge, thorough understanding of its own specific issues and can provide their own staffing to move forward on their own.  If by any chance FORA is granted another extension, Pacific Grove should forego being a member.
Sunsetting in 2020. I believe in sunsetting the authority as planned.
What is your position on the Eastside Parkway/Freeway/Road? I believe it will relief traffic congestion. The Eastside Parkway is a needed transportation alternative between the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Peninsula area.  However, the issue is to find a route that has the least environmental impact. I do not support it. Once again attempts to ruin natural lands is being pushed and the very expensive road is not even required.
Sorry but I don't feel I have enough knowledge to answer coherently.


Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
If you are elected, what will be your top three priorities? Fiscal responsiblity, decisions made must be in the best interest of Pacific Grove Residents, Transparency to Pacific Grove residents (1)  Adopt a cell tower ordinance that provides adequate coverage and ensures public safety; (2) a local coastal plan that protects the coast and rights of homeowners and businesses; and (3) a downtown plan promoting business and addressing traffic and parking issues. Diversity- Our city leadership is in dire need of diversity. With the exception of one Council member, the remaining six are: all over the age of 65, are retired or semi-retired, represent the same income bracket, and are home owners. Pacific Grove is comprised of many income levels, renters, working households, multiple family households, residents with inadequate housing, those on fixed incomes, and so forth. I will bring a strong voice for these members of our community and represent them with integrity. 

Housing/Short-term rentals- I will work to establish a renter’s assistance program to assist with moving expenses, pet deposits, or assist residents who fall on hard times. Similar to Seaside’s approach, if Pacific Grove is going to have a short-term rental program, then the residents deserve a benefit. Our short-term rental ordinance is too complicated to enforce, is geared toward out of town investors, and does not allocate any licenses to our residents. We need a clear, easy to enforce program that allocates licenses to full time residents, versus caters to out of town investors. A simplified program will assist staff with pin-pointing the illegal businesses running in our neighborhoods. We have an underutilized and outdated housing program that many residents do not even know about. I would like to examine the current housing program and see if there are improvements that can be made to better serve the residents of Pacific Grove.

Resident Retention- Longtime residents are moving out in droves and the City is not attracting full time residents, which sustain our community and commerce. As I recognize we are a City that attracts tourists and part time residents, we are also a City with residents who live here full-time. Our full time residents are an integral part of our community. I will govern in a manner that supports our residents and local businesses.
To get control of employee salaries and pensions.  To bring back control of the fire department to the city.  To limit STR's even beyond that which Measure M limits them. My priority will be to being Integrity, leadership and dedication to every idea, decision and action asked of me. I will work hard to represent the people of Pacific Grove with honor.
What land use policies are you willing to champion for the community? Keep the Pacific Grove Coastline Iconic, downtown must be vital to our residents,
senior citizen housing, transportation, medical services increased.
Adopt commercial development ordinances that provide certainty and predictability for potential businesses wishing to locate to Pacific Grove.  Revise conflicting, counterproductive ordinances, including Pacific Grove's land use appeal process.  Also, adopt a cell tower ordinance, as described above.
Smart growth, mixed-use, maintain Pacific Grove as a city of homes, protection of our wildlife, and historical lands.
Keeping residentially zoned neighborhoods residential.  Take away any impediments to the building of affordable and workforce housing.  Look at city controlled properties that can be used for workforce housing.
What accomplishments in your career or public service are you most proud of? Teacher, Coach, Police Officer, Principal, Superintendent, Small Business Owner of three business-always have served the public, re: PG Recreation commission, go-green committee, Italian Heritage, Cultural city exchange with Florence, Dublin, Asakaru, presently Test Administrator at Defense Language Institute,  grant writing, bond money-built Leed buildings at a school site, received 28 million in grants, saved 100,000 on PGE re: Leed and solar panels, these are just some of the many areas I have served and helped the public. Career:
Major role in creation and organization of Asante Health System in Medford, Oregon.

Project leader responsible for development of multiple new hospital, medical clinic, and outpatient facilities, including Sutter Health Stockton campus and Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Pacific Grove Planning Commission:
Part of four-vote majority needed to approve Hotel Durell project and commercial building in downtown Pacific Grove.
My involvement with the local movement opposing short-term rentals, which lead to the citizen's ballot initiative Measure M: To Preserve and Protect Pacific Grove’s Residential Character.

Each year a group of community members and myself execute "Operation Holiday Cheer" where we collect donations to provide gifts, food, and clothes to local families who have fallen under hard times. Last year we played Santa to over 200 residents.
Being a residents advocate when I previously served on the city council for 6 years and championing the cause of the citizens rather then the staff. I am proud to be a combat Navy veteran who has served my country for over 18 years. My time in the Navy taught me to fly jets, to lead people in the defend our country and to representing sailors and marines while preforming Airshows accross our great country as a Blue Angels aviator.


Joseph A. Amelio "Joe" Steven Lilley Jenny McAdams Dan Miller Amy Tomlinson
Occupation retired police officer/educator-presently working as a Test Administrator for the DLI Retired, health care administration Administrator Businessman Reserve Naval Aviator
Years Lived in Area 24 12 43 63 6
Education BA Social Science MAEducation/Business,  San Jose State University B.S., biochemistry, UC Davis, and Masters, Public Administration, USC. See Resume AA From MPC. University of Southern California, BA in Public Relations.
Santa Clara University, current full time MBA candidate.
Experience EDUCATION
Administrative Credential, San Jose State University, 1993
Administrative and Higher Education Credential, San Jose State University, 1991
Single and Multiple Subjects Credentials, San Jose State University, 1990
Masters of Arts in Education, San Jose State University, 1993
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, San Jose State University, 1987

Defense Language Institute Test Administrator, February 2016 to Present
Administered and facilitated Foreign Language Test
Principal, Administrator & Mentor Monterey Peninsula Unified School District   2012-2015
Mentored, trained and supervised Vice Principal and Principal of high school
Middle School Principal
Established Professional Learning Communities
Secured resources and bonds for new technology lab and library
Partnered with middle & high schools, colleges & universities to increase student achievement

Superintendent Orchard School District San Jose, CA 2006-2012
Directed all aspects of district operations; fundraising, budget/finance, human resources, contract negotiations, director special education/services, curriculum/instruction and plant management
Researched, developed and implemented Common Core State Standards
Fostered a positive, cohesive relationship with Board, supporting its vision/goals/directives
Facilitated and implemented Board governance policies and procedures; increased communication and collaboration strategies among its constituents
Facilitated completion of 16,000 square ft. Orchard Event Center
Managed architectural and construction projects using $70 million in bond and parcel taxes
Utilized and dispensed bond funds to develop an innovative solar project, generating $100,000 a year from PG&E and energy efficient HVAC systems
Served as district’s primary negotiator; managed collective bargaining agreements
Executed hiring/benefits program, evaluations, lay off/dismissal proceedings, training/staff development for personnel, and other HR duties (harassment cases, injury compensations, etc.)

Principal Berryessa Union School District San Jose, CA 1997-2006
Created a safe and supportive learning atmosphere among students/faculty/staff at Ruskin Elementary, Sierramont Middle, Piedmont Middle, and Articulation East Side Union High
Developed and implemented innovative teaching practices/interventions among Title I schools
Enhanced and restructured the Special Education Department & English Language Programs
Orchestrated continuous improvement on Academic Performance Index for student subgroups; closed achievement gap for Hispanic students (34-point API gain), new technology for students
Principal, Vice Principal, Classroom Teacher    Gilroy Unified School District 1988-1997
Demonstrated ability to manage faculty, bolster student achievement and create community
Established GATE, music and counseling programs at Brownell, South Valley Middle Schools
Planned and implemented curriculum as a Classroom, Associated Student Body Teacher

Business Owner Gilroy, Morgan Hill, CA 1981-1986
Managed and trained staff, developed finance and budget processes

Police Officer & School Liaison Officer Gilroy Police Department 1972-1981
Partnered with school community to implement programs to keep students/faculty/staff safe

Chairperson of: Florence/Italy Commission, SJSU Intern Program, Cultural City Exchange (Dublin, Okayama, Asakura), San Jose Beautification Grants, Go-Green Initiative
Member of: International Association of Business/Management Professionals, Collaborative for Educational Success, Hispanic Association of Colleges/Universities, National Staff Development Council, ACSA-Instruction/Educational Leadership, Pacific Grove Recreation Commission
Highly Trained in: Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Common Core Standards & Smarter Balance Assessments, 21st Century Schools Enrichment/Content Standards SSCOE, Superintendents Symposium, Executive Leadership Conference, School Finance/Management, Advanced Peace Officer Standards/Training, Family Crisis Intervention
Expertly Skilled in: Authoring grants, immersing into a community, fostering school culture, solving issues related to discipline, parent complaints, partnering and collaborating with various superintendents across Santa Clara County, maintaining solvency and enhancing revenue, developing purchase, personnel and staff budgets, commissions
45 years in health care industry, including senior management positions in some of largest hospital organizations in the country.
Current member, Pacific Grove Planning Commission.
Volunteer Guide, Monterey Bay Aquarium.
See Resume Three years on the Pacific Grove Planning Commission.  Six Years on the Pacific Grove City Council.  Served as the city's representative to MST and the regional taxi authority. Military officer 18 years, inspirational public speaker, mother.

Andrew Kubica and Tama Olver did not respond.