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LandWatch asks Registrar of Voters to remind board of election lawas


March 27, 2006

Tony Anchundo, Registrar of Voters
[Sent via Email on March 27, 2006]
Monterey County Elections Department
1370 S Main Street # B
Salinas, CA 93901

Dear Mr. Anchundo:

Monterey County citizens have always appreciated your dedication and your staff’s dedication to your primary duty – the enforcement of election laws in Monterey County.  The Elections Department is a model of neutrality and independence.  It’s not easy to ensure a fair process in our current political climate.

You have always made it clear that your first duty and allegiance is to the election process.  We are asking you to make that clear again on Tuesday, if the Board of Supervisors directs you to withdraw Measure C from the June ballot without first providing you a court order requiring you to do so.

The Board of Supervisors is trying to place the Elections Department in harm’s way by urging you to break the law on their behalf. Elections Code section 9605 clearly directs: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever a legislative body has ordered that a measure or proposal be submitted to the voters of any jurisdiction at a special election, the order of election shall not be amended or withdrawn after the 83rd day prior to the election." The deadline for withdrawing any item from the June 6, 2006 ballot was March 15, two weeks ago

We urge you to tell the Board you must receive a court order directing you to withdraw Measure C from the ballot before you can legally do so. 

The election process, which you defend, is the bedrock of our democracy.  Without faith in that, what do we have?

Yours truly,

chris sig

Chris Fitz, Executive Director
LandWatch Monterey County

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posted 03.28.06

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