Issues & Actions

This section references some of the most significant land use policy issues with which LandWatch is involved. It’s a kind of “gateway” to important policy statements, comment letters, and organizing materials. The land use policy decisions of local government will profoundly affect the future of Monterey County. Here’s a good place to assess what’s at stake—and what you can do about it!


Monterey County has roughly 422,000 residents and is dominated by agriculture and tourism. The County Board of Supervisors decides the fate of the region’s future. LandWatch remains a watchdog over decisions that impact our water supply, traffic, and quality of life. Issues & Actions


The Salinas Valley contains the most economically productive agricultural land in the world, but it is threatened by growth pressures from both North and South. LandWatch is working hard to make sure that this priceless environmental and economic treasure is not damaged or degraded. Issues & Actions


The Greater Monterey Peninsula includes the incorporated coastal cities of Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Pacific Grove, Marina, Sand City, and Del Rey Oaks. LandWatch remains engaged on housing, water, and climate issues here.  Issues & Actions



This section includes entities making regional decisions about transportation, planning, water, air quality, and annexations. LandWatch engages on these topics and with these agencies because these policies impact the future of our region. Issues & Actions



This policy section focuses on six key areas: agriculture, climate, housing, transportation, and water. LandWatch includes these topics in its work because all of these important topics are inter-related and span all of Monterey County. Issues & Action


Local, regional, and statewide policy set the baseline conditions for how decisions are made—and all of these decisions impact the things we care about from affordable housing to sustainable water supply and more! LandWatch recently began supporting and opposing statewide bills. Issues & Actions