When necessary, LandWatch provides Opinion Editorials to local news outlets that relay vital information on subjects LandWatch cares about. This page provides OpEds on an assortment of topics.

  • Joint OpEd with California YIMBY
    California needs to dramatically increase the number of homes we are building in order to shelter the nearly 40 million people who live here – 3.5 million new homes to be exact, including apartments, multi-unit buildings, mixed use, etc. (11.16.21)
  • Joint OpEd with Senator Caballero
    We are facing the biggest threat of our lifetimes: climate change—and an ongoing housing crisis is exacerbating it. These two issues are inextricably linked because employees are forced to find affordable units—far, far from their work—which leads to more driving and therefore more greenhouse gases. (04.06.21)
  • How to Waste $1 Billion in Less Than a Minute
    A recap of why a public agency would support an environmentally destructive, costly, and risky desalination plant that comes with a one billion dollar price tag. Other solutions exist, but CalAm isn’t interested in those because it won’t profit from those other options like the Monterey One Water expansion. (05.05.20)
  • From Housing to Economic Development, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority has Failed
    This OpEd supports the sunset of FORA as legislatively mandated due to the multiple failures the Authority has and continues to make–wasting taxpayer dollars. (01.25.18)
  • Tourism Industry Can Support Sustainable Land Use
    This OpEd written by Laura Davis and Michael DeLapa focuses on how the hotel and tourism industry can promote infill projects, better transit, and active transportation options—protecting our oceans. These sustainable planning decisions will benefit all of us tourists and businesses included. (07.05.17)
  • Roundabouts Needed in Monterey-Salinas
    This OpEd by Matthew Sundt outlines why roundabouts are a better solution for our intersections than the standard signalized (or non-signalized) intersections. Statistics show they reduce fatal impacts by 90%. (06.10.17)
  • Ferrini Ranch, CEQA, and the Denial of Reality
    LandWatch pens this OpEd outlining significant concerns with the County’s approval of the Ferrini Ranch project. Not only did the County not follow its own General Plan, but it also failed to comply with state environmental laws as well. LandWatch filed a lawsuit on the project approvals. (01.04.17)
  • Beyond Monterey Downs: Bringing Jobs to Seaside
    Mike DeLapa writes about the remarkable and unprecedented challenges facing the Monterey Downs project, proposed in the City of Seaside. Numerous issues may mean the project never gets built, but it is high time the City actually followed the community’s vision. (11.19.16)
  • LandWatch Monterey County Needs You
    Traffic, sprawling developments, poor air quality, overcrowded schools—the things we don’t want to happen in our community—will, if low-density residential projects keep getting approved. LandWatch needs your help to stop the sprawl. (12.18.97)
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