Monterey County sits 90 miles south of San Francisco. It has roughly 422,000 residents and spans more than two million acres of incredibly scenic central coastal lands. Nearly 185,000 acres of the County is designated military lands and nearly 470,000 is the Los Padres National Forest and Ventana Wilderness Area. The economy of Monterey County is dominated by agriculture and tourism. The County is divided into five districts, each represented by its own County Supervisor. The Supervisors are tasked with moving county business forward and are often times the deciding factor for many proposed development projects. As has been true since LandWatch’s inception agricultural conversion into housing developments is one of the biggest threats we face. The Supervisors have the ability to approve or deny proposed development projects. It is imperative that LandWatch remain a watchdog over poorly planned and sprawling developments that impact our water supply, traffic, and quality of life throughout the County.

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