Archived Projects in the Elkhorn Slough

Monterey’s Elkhorn Slough is grappling with water quantity issues and development in an important watershed. LandWatch has been involved with these issues for more than a decade.

Project Proposed: Varies
LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

The Cathrein Estates project rezoned land from medium to high density and includes will include a 59 unit apartment complex and 6 residential lots. The project proposes to use dirt from the Hidden Ranch project adjacent to the property.

Project Proposed: 2004
LW Position: Opposed the Project
Status: Approved

The Sunridge Views includes the development of 10 lots on 25 acres near Elkhorn Slough. The project also included the construction of two water tanks, conversion of an existing mobile home to senior housing, some grading and the removal of a landmark tree.

Project Proposed: 2004
LW Position: Support Staff Recommendations
Status: Denied by Coastal Commission

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