September Ranch

The revised project includes 76 acres within the former West Course at Rancho Cañada Golf Club. It would include a mix of uses: 130-unit residential neighborhood on 25 acres, a 1.5 acre community park, 11 acres of common area, and 40 acres of permanent open space. The project would be accessed off Carmel Valley Road off Rio Road.

LandWatch Position: Commented on EIR
Project Status: Project Approved

Quick Facts

  • The project applicant is September Ranch Partners.
  • The project would create 94 market-rate residential lots.
  • Monterey County is the lead agency.
  • The project application was deemed complete in 1995.

Project Status

  • A four year extension was requested through 2016 to allow the developer’s time to find funding for the project.
  • The project was approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 2010.
  • The Final Environmental Impact Report was released in July 2006 and Errata (1.2M PDF) was released in September 2006.
  • The Draft Revised Environmental Impact Report (6.9M PDF) was released in December 2004.
  • The Notice of Preparation was released in January 2003 and circulated for 45 days.
  • The 1995 project was approved by the Board of Supervisors and then challenged by the Save Our Peninsula Committee.

Project Location Map

This map shows the September
Ranch project location.

Full size map (98K PDF)
Credit: County of Monterey, Planning Commission Report (August 2010)

Resource at Risk

  • Lack of Adequate Review Time
    The Environmental Impact Report was released to the public just three business days prior to consideration by the Monterey County Planning Commission.
  • Lack of Adequate Mitigation
    The project’s EIR does not have adequate mitigation measures and defers mitigation to future plans. “Recommendations” or “should” do not rise to the level of performance standards. These mitigations must be mandatory to meet the level of performance standards.
  • Significant Impacts to Biological Resources
    The project requires the replacement of Monterey-pine coast live oak forests at a 3-to-1 ratio is unrealistic and yet without it, there would be a finding of significant impact on biological resources. The mitigation measure was dropped in the Recirculated DEIR and there should be a finding of significant impact on biological resources unless new mitigation measures are added.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: Urges Delay in Decision Due to Inadequate Review Time (23K PDF)
    LandWatch Monterey County urges you to delay the hearing on September Ranch to provide adequate time for the public to review the FEIR and staff Report. The FEIR was released on Thursday, July 20, via the Internet, three working days before the scheduled hearing. (07.25.08)

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