There are four key topics in this Countywide category that LandWatch emphasizes.

LandWatch closely follows growth and development issues that affect Monterey County. By getting involved in policy and project decisions at an early point, local residents can often make a tremendous difference.

LandWatch has been deeply engaged in the Monterey County General Plan Update and Implementation for decades. The decisions made by the Board of Supervisors determine the future of Monterey County for decades to come.

Climate Action Plans (CAP) are detailed and forward thinking analyses that include measuring, planning, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other impacts from the climate crisis. Most CAP include an GHG inventory, goals for reductions, and prioritized actions for reduction of GHG emissions.

LandWatch strongly supports code enforcement efforts that are fair, reasonable, and certain. It’s critically important that potential violators know that penalties will be applied if the County’s planning and zoning laws aren’t followed. With a strong and effective code enforcement ordinance, and with good administration, it’s possible to send the right message to everyone.

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