General Issues – Elkhorn Slough

Monterey’s Elkhorn Slough is grappling with water quantity issues and development in an important watershed. LandWatch has been involved with these issues for more than a decade.

Project Proposed: Varies
LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

Charlois Ranch

  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on Project Issues (515K PDF)
    LandWatch cautions the Board of Supervisors to proceed carefully in considering the proposed 26-unit Charolais Ranch Subdivision Project. From all indications, this is the wrong project in the wrong place. It is a sprawling development, lacks affordable housing, sits in a High Wildland Fire Hazard Area, lacks a sustainable water supply, adds to the water quality and traffic problems, and destroys oak woodlands. (03.01.21)

LaTourette Subdivision

  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on LaTourette Subdivision (506K PDF)
    LandWatch commented on the County’s request for reimbursement on the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. Additionally, a reminder that the North County region has a constrained water supply and no development (per the General Plan) is permitted. (07.10.17)

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