Archived Projects in South County

Gallo Vineyards is proposing to construct a 350 acre-foot irrigation reservoir, grade over 900,000 cubic yards of earth, remove 320+ oak trees, and create new vineyards on slopes in excess of 15%.

Project Proposed: 2004
LW Position: Requested Additional Environmental Review
Status: Permits Granted

The U.S. Navy proposed to utilize a military range at Fort Hunter Liggett, in Monterey County, California, as a location for Navy pilots to carry out aerial bombing practice.

Project Proposed: 2001
LW Position: Opposed
Status: Proposal Withdrawn

The County Board of Supervisors considered the parcelization of areas in the South County and the encroachment of residential units on the areas zoned for permanent grazing.

Project Proposed: 2000
LW Position: Opposed
Status: Unknown

Monterey County
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