South County Parcelization

The County Board of Supervisors considered the parcelization of areas in the South County and the encroachment of residential units on the areas zoned for permanent grazing.

LandWatch Position: Opposed the Project
Project Status: Unknown

Quick Facts

  • The project includes parcelization and encroachment of residential units on areas designated for permanent grazing.
  • Monterey County is the lead agency.
  • The project was guided by the 1982 Monterey County General Plan.

Project Status

  • The status of this project is unknown.

Resources at Risk

  • Increased Parcelization
    As areas in South County have increased parcelization the likelihood of suburban sprawl increases.
  • Loss of Permanent Grazing Lands
    No residential unit should be approved on any parcel in the Permanent Grazing (PG) zone district unless the applicant applies for a permit to build the residence and can demonstrate that the residence would be accessory to a genuine agricultural use.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: Outlines Testimony to the Board of Supervisors (112K PDF)
    This letter captures testimony provided before the Board. In short, there is spectacular country in South County, and absent a change in the existing policies and current administrative approaches, the ranching, wildlife, and scenic resources of the area are likely to be progressively undermined and diminished, and ultimately lost. (12.12.01)
  • Letter: Comments on the Proposed Parcelization (24K PDF)
    LandWatch outlines two concerns in this letter. The first is “lot line adjustments.” The second is the construction of residential dwelling units on lands zoned PG. In each case, we recommended the action go a bit further to ensure the burden of proof is a requirement. (02.19.01)

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