LandWatch’s mission is to promote sound land use policies that better our community — its long-term economic vitality, high agricultural productivity, environmental health, and social equity.

By encouraging greater public participation in planning, we connect people to government, address human needs and inspire conservation of natural resources.

Help us protect our community’s incredible quality of life for future generations.

— LandWatch Mission Statement

The pressures on Monterey County are immense. We need to take action now to avoid urban sprawl, traffic gridlock, and the erosion of the quality of life so evident in California’s larger cities.

In the next 20 years, Monterey County is projected to grow by almost 40% to a population of over 500,000 people (an increase of 150,000 new residents). Housing demand and traffic congestion will also increase. Farmland, open space, and natural resources may be lost. Our water basins are overdrafted, highways are congested, schools are overcrowded, and other infrastructure is inadequate to accommodate current demands. Monterey County is quickly becoming a bedroom community for Silicon Valley, and the charm and natural beauty that delights both residents and visitors is threatened.

LandWatch promotes and inspires sound land use legislation.

LandWatch will keep the public informed about the status of land use planning in Monterey County. We will monitor the local government agencies responsible for land use decisions, and participate in the public process to promote land use policies that protect the environment, and that will maintain economic vitality. LandWatch is the only professionally-staffed nonprofit organization in Monterey County dedicated solely to this mission.

Again and again, the public learns about destructive development policies and projects too late in the planning process to comment, modify or stop them. LandWatch provides an early warning system so the public will have input at the beginning stages of planning.

LandWatch connects people to government.

Local elected officials and governmental agencies need to pay more attention to the collective impact of individual projects. LandWatch has the expertise to represent the public interest and to provide constructive, realistic input to offset relentless pressure from developers.

The public, too, needs to be better informed about growth and its overall impacts. Residents must understand the options, learn to participate in a more meaningful way in the planning process, and know whether elected and appointed government officials are serving their interests.

Who will decide the use of our community’s most valued resource, our land?

Who ought to be influencing our elected officials on land use issues? Will we leave it to those who make it their full-time business to profit from development? It’s time for the residents, whose only profit is to live amid the beauty and health of the land, to get organized and take responsibility for its stewardship.

The land is Monterey County’s most valuable resource. Planning decisions made today will affect generations to come. While some make it their business to profit from development, whether well-planned or ill-conceived, LandWatch Monterey County commits to work for the public interest.

To accomplish this important work, your financial support is critical. The quality of life we enjoy today will be either preserved or compromised, depending on your involvement.

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