LandWatch works to enhance Monterey County’s future by addressing climate change, community health, and social inequities in housing and infrastructure.

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LandWatch is committed to climate action in Monterey County. We are actively seeking ways to mitigate climate impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more on our ClimateWatch page.

LandWatch is at the forefront of ensuring affordable housing options are available to local families because this also reduces climate and transportation impacts.

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LandWatch engages throughout Monterey County and for more than a dozen local cities to ensure climate, water, housing, public safety, and social equity issues are addressed.

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LandWatch’s Recent Actions

LandWatch Requests Future Buildings
LandWatch strongly supports the adoption of a county-wide ordinance requiring all new building construction to be all-electric (no natural gas) and include increased requirements for electric vehicle charging. (11.09.22)

Response on Miramonte Project
LandWatch responds to the Miramonte Project applicant’s claims about affordable housing (and its integration), project phasing, alignment with the General Plan, and more. LandWatch urges LAFCO to support staff’s position and request the applicant fix the project to align with the General Plan. (12.05.22)

LandWatch Asks Cal Am Permit Be Denied
LandWatch notes the California Coastal Act prioritizes public benefits over private interests. In the case of Cal Am’s desalination plant consistency with the Coastal Act, this isn’t even a close call. For these reasons LandWatch asks for a denial of the permit. (11.11.22)