Current Projects in the Elkhorn Slough

In North Monterey County by the Elkhorn Slough, new subdivisions are proceeding at a rapid pace. This area is convenient to Silicon Valley commuters, but the resources to accommodate new growth are scarce. Groundwater is significantly overdrafted and continued development puts everyone’s water supply at risk. Elkhorn Slough, a National Estuarine Research Reserve, is threatened by continued growth, and productive agriculture may be pushed out by future residential development. LandWatch is working closely with neighborhood and other organizations to address the critical planning problems of the Elkhorn Slough.

Multiple projects subdividing properties in the Elkhorn Slough watershed are proposed.

Project Proposed: Varies
LW Position: Varies
Status: Varies

The Rancho Los Robles subdivides two parcels totaling 33 acres and constructs 54 residential units in the Elkhorn Slough watershed.

Project Proposed: 2000
LW Position: Filed a Lawsuit
Status: Appellate Court Overturns Approvals

Archived Projects in the Elkhorn Slough

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