Archived Projects from Other County Unincorporated Areas

There are a lot of proposals in the County Unincorporated area that have required our short and long-term attention. Many of the proposals have impacts to water sources, conversion of natural lands, and traffic.

Project Proposed: Varies
LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

The project includes the construction of 104 residential condominium units in the Laguna Seca Office Park, the removal of 191 protected oak trees, and the widening of York Road.

Project Proposed: 2008
LW Position: Provided Comments
Status: Partially Approved

Monterey Salinas Transit in partnership with the Redevelopment Agency proposed to build a 58-acre heavy commercial development. MST would occupy 25 acres on Parcel I where it expects to build its three-story administration building, a two-story bus repair facility, and 15 acres of lighted parking for its bus fleet.

Project Proposed: 2009
LW Position: 
Opposed Project
Project Approvals Rescinded, Now Open Space

The Tanimura and Antle Farmworker Housing project includes the construction of 100 units of housing for agricultural employees on 4.5 acres. It is anticipated the housing would be occupied mainly during the harvest season (April – November) and include 200 -800 adult employees.

Project Proposed: 2015
LW Position: Support the Project
Status: Approved

This project would add an aerial zipline course in Jacks Peak Park among the Monterey Pine trees.

Project Proposed: 2011
LW Position: Requested More Review
Status: EIR Being Written

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