Tanimura & Antle Farmworker Housing

The Tanimura and Antle Farmworker Housing project includes the construction of 100 units of housing for agricultural employees on 4.5 acres. It is anticipated the housing would be occupied mainly during the harvest season (April – November) and include 200 -800 adult employees.

LandWatch Position: Supported the Project
Project Status: Approved

Quick Facts

  • The project applicant is Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Inc.
  • The project proposal includes 100 units of housing for agricultural employees on 4.5 acres.
  • The County of Monterey is the lead agency.
  • The project is governed by the policies of the 2010 Monterey County General Plan and the Greater Salinas Area Plan.

Project Status

  • A Spreckels resident appealed the project approval to the Board of Supervisors in August 2015. September 1, 2015 the appeal was denied by the Board of Supervisors and the project approval stands.
  • The Mitigated Negative Declaration was completed in June 2015 and included a 30 day review period in June and July 2015. (1.69 MB PDF)
  • The Planning Commission met in July 2015 to make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. View the County’s Staff Report. (13.6 MB PDF). The Commission voted 9-0 to recommend the project.

Project Location Map

The proposed Tanimura & Antle Farmworker housing is project is south of Spreckels Blvd.

Full Size Map (392K PDF)

Map Credit: County of Monterey, Tanimura & Antle Agricultural
Employee Housing Mitigated Negative Declaration (July 2015)

Resources at Risk

  • Alignment with the Greater Salinas Area Plan
    The Area Plan lacks specificity with agriculturally specified commercial uses and it is unclear if this project fits within this definition.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
    Only certain sources were included in the analysis of Greenhouse Gas analysis and a comparison of other air quality management plans should be made.
  • Access to Community Services
    It is unclear how the employees will get to town for basic neighborhood services and this should be clarified and analyzed.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

Project History

  • Farmworker Housing Ribbon Cutting
    The ribbon cutting for the Tanimura and Antle Farmworker Housing project in Spreckels has occurred. LandWatch provided substantive comments–some of which were incorporated into the project. Interim Executive Director for Landwatch Monterey County noted that this is a good example of a project working to address critical community needs. (07.14.16)
  • Spreckels Farmworker Housing Available Now
    Farmworkers are now moving into the affordable units created by Tanimura and Antle.  Local residents once concerned about crime and the housing project have since eased up about their concerns.  Residents now believe, if there are issues, the agricultural company will address them promptly.  (05.13.16)
  • Affordable Housing Project Gets Award
    The Tanimura and Antle Farmworker Housing project was honored for its “Spreckels Crossing” project by the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership. LandWatch supported this project as it brings much needed affordable units to the region. (05.01.16)
  • Farmworker Housing Ready Mid-April
    Just six months after the County denied the appeal of the T&A Farmworker Housing, the construction is nearly complete on the first phase of units.  Workers will be able to move in next week. The two-bedroom units are fully furnished and go for $500 each (including utilities, internet and cable). The rest of the complex should be done in May or June. (04.08.16)
  • T&A Files Suit Over School Fees
    Tanimura and Antle takes the Spreckles School District to court over school fees. Questions remain as to why fees were needed when the T&A project isn’t housing children and why did T&A originally pay the fees? (03.31.16)
  • Farmworker Housing Approved
    The Board of Supervisors reaffirmed the project approval for the T&A farmworker housing near Spreckels. The developer was praised for using his own money, land and resources to get the project completed. LandWatch worked to ensure a positive outcome, provided feedback on the environmental documents, and recognizes the need for affordable units for agricultural workers. A second article can be found on the Herald’s website. (09.01.15)
  • Resident Appeals T&A Approval
    A resident has appealed the Planning Commission approval of the T&A housing project in Spreckels. The Board of Supervisors has 60 days to hear it. Concerns raised were the lack of environmental review on the project, instead of completing an environmental impact report–a mitigated negative declaration was completed. (08.11.15)
  • Farmworker Housing Editorial
    While some residents raised concerns over the T&A project in Spreckels, many admit the housing is needed. LandWatch supports this housing project. (08.01.15)
  • Planning Commission Praises T&A Project
    Citing the need for safe and secure affordable housing for farmworkers, the Monterey County Planning Commission votes 9-0 to support the project. (07.29.15)
  • Green Light for Farmworker Housing
    Though residents raised concerns, the Commission felt the project’s benefits to affordable housing outweighed the detriments. (07.29.15)
  • Spreckles Housing to Be Built
    A controversial housing project, was given the thumbs up, from the Monterey County Planning Commission. Citing difficulty getting and keeping workers, the T&A project will provide a huge community benefit. (07.29.15)
  • New Coalition Supports T&A Project
    In a unique show of support, 24 hours before the project was considered by the Planning Commission a diverse coalition of business, agriculture and community activists aligned interests to support the T&A project. Lack of affordable housing for migrant farmworkers and their families has been of great concern. (07.28.15)
  • Residents Concerned about T&A Project
    Many residents were opposed to the expansion of Spreckels and the tiny town is now up 168% in 15 years.  Lack of amenities, services, and overcrowding in the project are top concerns.   Residents are urging decision makers to slow down. (07.27.15)
  • Planning Commission to Review T&A Proposal
    The Monterey County Planning Commission will review the proposed Taminura & Antle housing project at its Wednesday meeting.  To be build on land owned by the company the 100 unit (800 bed) project will add affordable housing units just outside of the small town of Spreckels.  (07.25.15)
  • One-Third of California Households Barely Make It
    Recent studies show that you can tell how families are doing based on their basic needs: food, shelter, transportation, etc. What also plays into this is location (and therefore cost of those needs). Struggling households spend 50% of their income on housing. (07.15.15)
  • Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Housing Rules
    The California Supreme Court voted to support the rights of cities by allowing them to enforce affordable housing standards. For example, in San Jose, 15% of all newly constructed houses must be affordable. (06.18.15)
  • Home Affordability Increases
    Home affordability has increased, keeping rent prices high in Monterey County. Rent increases went up 15.6% in one year.  Lack of home sales seems to be a contributing factor. (05.22.15)
  • Affordable Housing Crisis, Prompts Summit
    The lack of affordable housing in Monterey County has reached a peak. Housing officials are calling on landlords, managers, and decision makers to meet and discuss the options. (04.22.15)
  • Salinas City Council Prioritizes Ending Over-Crowding
    The City Council has prioritized ending over-crowding. It appears residents are taking to hanging sheets within rooms to convert a two bedroom into a three bedroom. Lack of affordable housing is partly to blame. (01.08.15)
  • Home Prices Up, Affordability Down
    While the housing market showed home prices are up and affordability are down–these numbers didn’t move much since September. That said, the median home price is now over $466,000. This is up 12% from the previous year. (11.17.14)
  • Bad Board Decision Lets “Ancient Map” Cut Off Public Review
    The Board of Supervisors has decided that the Tanimura Land Company can radically expand the historic Town of Spreckels, with no public or environmental review, all based on a 1907 “Map.” The precedent is horrible, and the effects on Spreckels will be dramatic, if the decision stands. (06.15.04)
  • D’Arrigo Project Needs CEQA Review
    This LandWatch letter provides all the “technical reasons” that a full EIR is needed for the proposed D’Arrigo project, which proposes an agricultural processing plant and a large office building on prime agricultural land near Spreckels.
  • Full EIR Needed For Proposed D’Arrigo Brothers Factory
    LandWatch has written a letter to Monterey County, outlining why a full Environmental Impact Report is needed for a proposed agricultural processing facility, to be located on twenty-seven acres of prime farmland near Spreckels. (11.25.03)

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