General Issues – Elkhorn Slough

Monterey’s Elkhorn Slough is grappling with water quantity issues and development in an important watershed. LandWatch has been involved with these issues for more than a decade.

LandWatch Position: Varies by Topic
Project Status: Varies by Topic

Charolais Ranch Subdivision

  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on Project Issues (515K PDF)
    LandWatch cautions the Board of Supervisors to proceed carefully in considering the proposed 26-unit Charolais Ranch Subdivision Project. From all indications, this is the wrong project in the wrong place. It is a sprawling development, lacks affordable housing, sits in a High Wildland Fire Hazard Area, lacks a sustainable water supply, adds to the water quality and traffic problems, and destroys oak woodlands. (03.01.21)

Moss Landing

  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on Moss Landing Plan (539K PDF)
    LandWatch commented on the Moss Landing Community Plan including raising issues on deep water aquifer use, statewide groundwater water sustainability requirements, water transfers, and several land use issues. (11.16.20)


  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on LaTourette Subdivision (506K PDF)
    LandWatch commented on the County’s request for reimbursement on the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. Additionally, a reminder that the North County region has a constrained water supply and no development (per the General Plan) is permitted. (07.10.17)

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