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A New Coalition on Monterey County Land Use


A broadly-based advocacy group has just formed, called the “Coalition to Protect Housing, Farmlands, Air & Water." The Coalition has endorsed a set of “Guiding Objectives" that closely parallel the “Guiding Objectives" on which the original draft Monterey County General Plan Update was based. These Guiding Objectives also reflect the policies that LandWatch Monterey County has been advocating throughout the entirety of the General Plan Update process.

The new Coalition is seeking broad public support for these important land use principles. The idea seems to be to mobilize the public to stop any “backsliding" from the strong policies contained in that “first draft" of the GPU. If you’d like to join their efforts, please visit their website.

The General Plan Update process has been quite controversial. The public at large has been very supportive of strong policies to protect the incredible natural treasures of Monterey County, and to focus future growth in existing urban areas. Many development and landowner interests, however, have opposed those parts of the draft General Plan Update that would prevent the kind of sprawling development that is all too typical throughout the state of California. Soon, the Board of Supervisors will be deciding what to do. LandWatch is delighted to see a new group forming to support a strong and effective General Plan.

Coalition Website -

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