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Attend Aug. 29th FORA Meeting to comment on Draft Scoping Report


The Fort Ord Reuse Authority has until January 2013 to reassess the progress on the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan adopted in 1997. The August 29th meeting is an opportunity for the FOR A Board to receive comments from the public about the draft scoping report which is the precursor to the mandatory reassessment of the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan.

According to the Base Reuse Plan Draft Scoping Report, “The purpose of the reassessment process is to explore whether objectives and policies in the adopted Base Reuse Plan should be updated to better address current conditions and meet the community’s future needs.” The economy has significantly modified the plan for Fort Ord. Specifically, the scoping report found what we already knew: job growth has not grown as anticipated; the middle class population is shrinking; and it could take 40 years or more to build all the houses already approved in Fort Ord.

LandWatch has been actively involved in commenting on the Plan. Our focus is to ensure reasonable build out plans, inclusion of homes at prices comparable to regional income levels, consistency among forecast models, and the incorporation of appropriate natural resource preservation.

The Authority will host public meeting Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 6:30 PM at Carpenters Hall, 910 Second Ave. in Marina. The Draft Scoping Report in preparation for the meeting is available electronically at Final written comments on the plan are due September 4, 2012.

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posted 08.26.12

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