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Rancho San Juan Arruinará las Carreteras e Intersecciones de Salinas


!Expertos de trafico* estiman que la construcción de Rancho San Juan degradara las siguientes 20 carreteras  e intersecciones en Salinas a los peores niveles posibles!

North Main Street /Russell Road;
North Main Street / Boronda Road;
North Main Street / San Juan Grade road
Rogge Road / San Juan Grade Road;
Herbert Road / San Juan Grade Road;

Crazy Horse Canyon Road / San Juan Grade Road
Natividad Road / Boronda Road;
Crazy Horse Canyon Road / Highway 101 (Northbound)
Boronda road / Highway 101 (southbound)
East Laurel Drive / Natividad Road
East Laurel Drive / North Main Street

West Laurel Drive / Highway 101 (Northbound)
West Laurel Drive / Highway 101 (Southbound)
North Davis road / Blanco Road
North Davis road / Post Drive
Boronda road / San Juan Grade Road

East Laurel Drive / North Davis Road
San Juan Grade Road/ Sterling Road
Harrison road/ K Street
L Street / San Juan Grade Road
Russell Road / Van Buren Road

*Basado en el Borrador del Estudio de Impactos Medio Ambientales de Rancho San Juan

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posted 11.26.04

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