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Activist Petition Leads to New Growth Management System


Late last year, land use activists in San Benito County began circulating a growth control initiative measure to

  1. preserve the rural character and the quality of life of San Benito county;
  2. protect agricultural lands and maintain and enhance farming and ranching;
  3. safeguard natural resources, open space, and scenic beauty;
  4. limit and stabilize the rate of development at a level the county can live with;
  5. reduce traffic congestion and hazard;
  6. lessen air and water pollution;
  7. permit adequate levels of public services; and
  8. secure less costly, compact urban development instead of scattered, sprawling growth.

Sufficient signatures were obtained to qualify the initiative for the ballot. Instead of putting the measure on the ballot, however, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors voted on April 1, 2003 to adopt the measure directly. This action means that "The San Benito County Growth Control Initiative" will now govern future land use decision making in San Benito County. Its provisions cannot be changed without a vote of the people.

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