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Preliminary Draft Salinas General Plan Is Available For Review


A "Preliminary Draft" General Plan For The City of Salinas Has Recently Been Released

The City of Salinas has recently released a Preliminary Draft General Plan Update, which is now available for public review. Comments from City advisory bodies are currently being collected, and the Planning Commission and the City Council will review the Preliminary Draft at a hearing on February 5th.

A "Public Hearing Draft" of the General Plan Update will be published after the initial reviews of the Preliminary Draft are completed. This "Public Hearing Draft" will be the subject of public hearings scheduled to begin in July 2002. A Draft Environmental Impact Report will also be available for public review and comment.

The Preliminary Draft of the Salinas General Plan Update proposes very significant urban expansion by the City of Salinas, and the conversion of several thousand acres of agricultural land to urban uses. This expansion reflects a great deal of projected population growth, which is one of the assumptions of the Preliminary Draft. Grassroots public involvement is going to be absolutely vital, as the General Plan approval process proceeds. LandWatch urges you to participate in the upcoming review process. Be assured that LandWatch will keep you advised!

Copies of the "Preliminary Draft" GPU are now available for $7.00 at the Salinas City Hall, 200 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas. For more information, call the Community Development Department at 831-758-7206.

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