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LandWatch, along with the Carmel Valley Association, supports a contingency plan for the Regional Project


May 18, 2011

Chair and District Directors
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
PO Box 85
Monterey, CA 93942-0085

Dear Chair Brower and Directors:

LandWatch Monterey County lends its support to the request of the Carmel Valley Association Water Committee to pursue a contingency plan in case the Regional Desalination Projects stalls. Since the Public Utilities Commission’s approval of the project in late 2010, many issues have surfaced that raise doubts about a timely completion of the Regional Project. In particular, recent California Coastal Commission letters regarding incomplete applications for both the test wells and the desalination facility set forth requirements for additional information that may take several months to address.

We urge the District Board and staff to continue to pursue supply options including an expanded Aquifer Storage and Recovery program, Groundwater Replenishment, an expanded RUWAP to include recycled water for landscaping for the Monterey Peninsula, and a 95-10 desalination plant within the boundaries of the MPWMD.

We further encourage you to undertake a public education program that will give the public an opportunity to learn about efforts of the District to meet requirements of State Water Resources Control Board Cease and Desist orders. The District has made impressive progress in recent months in developing water supply options. These efforts require greater public visibility as well as support.


Amy L. White
Executive Director

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posted 06.24.11

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