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Despite strong opposition for the project, the Board of Supervisors approves Corral de Tierra Project


The shopping center proposed for the intersection of Highway 68 and Corral de Tierra Road was approved by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors on February 7th. With a room full of concerned citizens, the Board opened the hearing, evaluated the project, and with a 3-2 vote and 105 conditions of approval, approved the plans and the development permit.

The former Exxon gas station site is contaminated with MTBE—a toxic chemical known to contaminate groundwater. A County action against the developer to clean up the site was never completed. This has many concerned about the area’s water supply. The Board of Supervisors tried to address the issue by removing the gas station from the site plans. Though, the gas station is now out of the picture, the 100,000 square feet of commercial space still remain.

This highly controversial project divided the community and raises many questions: Is the MTBE already in the local groundwater supply? Will the commercial center cause more traffic delays? Is there enough water available to support the project? Is the project too large for the site?

LandWatch will keep you posted regarding any other actions on this project or ways you can help.

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Posted 02.22.12

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