Land use planning issues are critically important for the future of Monterey County. The planning policies adopted at the state level, and by city governments and the County Board of Supervisors, will have a profound effect on our local economy, environment, and quality of life. This section of the LandWatch website provides information about important elections that will affect land use policy.



  • Voters to Consider Measure J
    The difference between the failed Measure O and current Measure J ballot measures are important. The language in the new measure states that the water production, storage, and delivery systems and infrastructure in the district’s territory must remain public ownership. And, it further states eminent domain can be used to acquire CalAm’s assets if negotiations don’t work. (10.30.18)

  • Guest Commentary on Measure J
    This article focuses on safeguards and opportunities Measure J provides when studying the feasibility of buying out CalAm.  The author reminds readers that if you can only afford a $650,000 house, you don’t then go buy a $2 million house—the public buyout only happens if it is feasible. (10.25.18)

  • Short Term Rentals on the Ballot in Pacific Grove
    Some residents wish to retain their small town feel and community character by managing short term rental opportunities, while others want to rent out their homes to tourists as they wish. The issue has reached the ballot box in November 2018, with LandWatch supporting the limit on short term rentals. (10.20.18)

  • Supervisor Adams Supports Measure J
    Supervisor Mary Adams and LandWatch support Measure J, which requires a feasibility study for a public takeover of the local water supplier to determine if public ownership is better than the privately run CalAm ownership. (10.13.18)

  • Help Build a Better Community: Three Action Steps For You To Take
    Use November 6th as an opportunity to be heard on ballot measures and council candidates—both of which impact our quality of life.

  • LandWatch’s Letter to the Editor on Ballot Measures
    LandWatch relays its support for Measure M (Pacific Grove’s short term rental policy) and J (a feasibility of a public buyout of CalAm’s water system), and its opposition to Proposition 6 (repeal of the gas tax). (10.09.18)

  • LandWatch Takes Position on Local/State Measures
    LandWatch supports Pacific Grove’s Measure M and Public Water Now’s Measure J, and opposes Proposition 6, which repeals the gas tax. (09.28.18)

  • LandWatch Offers Candidates Chance to Set Stage
    LandWatch poses questions on key land use issues to 72 candidates across the region. Twelve races were included in this candidate survey and responses are organize by geography and city below County. Here are the results. (09.26.18)


Candidates Respond to Land Use Policy Questions
LandWatch asked candidates for Monterey County Sheriff, and candidates for election to the Board of Supervisors, to state their views on key land use policy issues. We asked five questions of each candidate. Here are their responses.

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