In 2022, LandWatch solicited input from candidates for offices in jurisdictions within and including Monterey County. While LandWatch does not support or oppose any particular candidate this information is helpful to our members in understanding how their votes at the ballot box have the potential to influence land use policy locally. We asked the 59 candidates for Supervisor, City Council and/or Mayor to respond to a questionnaire. We received responses from 15 candidates, or 25% – that’s significantly fewer than in 2020, which we attribute to so many uncontested seats.

County Supervisor




Pacific Grove




In distributing the questionnaire, we asked the candidates to limit their answers to 200 words. We told them if we did not receive their response to these questions or if they left a question blank, we would list their name followed by “No response from candidate.” For candidates that exceeded the word limit, we stopped the response and added “[response ended here because it exceeded the 200 word count limit].”

We also let the candidates know the following disclaimer would appear with their answers to the questions: 

This questionnaire was compiled by LandWatch Monterey County. LandWatch is a non-partisan, non-profit educational organization that does not endorse, support or oppose individual candidates or political parties. Except for length, replies from candidates are printed as received. LandWatch is not responsible for the content. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. No part of this questionnaire may be reproduced without permission of LandWatch, or used in any way that may be construed to be an endorsement of an individual’s candidacy or views by LandWatch.

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