California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) sits a mile from the beach in a close knit community and offers 25 undergraduate degrees, multiple minors, and nine graduate degrees to students enrolled in the University.  The campus has roughly 7,500 students enrolled and was founded in 1994 on lands formerly included in the Fort Ord. Decisions made by the University have the potential to impact nearby communities, natural lands, and exacerbate climate impacts.

Project Status

  • CSUMB Releases the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for its campus expansion in May 2022.

LandWatch Involvement

  • Letter: Comments on the Final EIR (95K PDF)
    LandWatch and its consultants have reviewed the FEIR and appreciate that the revisions have addressed our previous comments. Thank you for strengthening CSUMB’s commitments to achieve meaningful greenhouse gas reductions. (05.18.22)
  • Letter: Comments on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Draft EIR (214K PDF)
    LandWatch consultants EcoDataLab writes that the DEIR makes a critical error in its greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis. Two different estimates of baseline emissions are used: one estimate (a larger amount) is used to determine the threshold of significance, and a second estimate (a smaller amount) is used to actually analyze impacts. In addition, the DEIR makes other errors, provides unsupported estimates, relies on inconsistent data, and/or fails to provide specific enforceable mitigation in connection with 1) setting GHG reduction targets, 2) calculating GHG emissions from vehicle miles travelled (VMT), 3) identifying waste mitigation strategies (and associated GHG reductions), and 4) analyzing consistency with applicable plans and policies. (03.18.22)
  • Email Alert: CSUMB Solicits Input in Short Window
    Among LandWatch’s biggest concerns was the process the University used to solicit public input. It was limited, with a short window for comment. The plan is also very vague, and descriptive rather than prescriptive, rendering it unenforceable. LandWatch will continue to monitor CSUMB’s plan updates and advocate for smart planning and sustainability principles. (03.02.17)

Project History

  • CSUMB Reduces GHG Emissions for Final Environmental Review
    While planning for its future, the Cal State University released an environmental analysis of its anticipated impacts. Because of input from LandWatch the University took suggestions to heart and tripled its reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. (05.18.22)

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