Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO)

The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) plays a vital role in land use policy making decisions. Established under state law, LAFCO decides whether or not cities will be allowed to annex lands for new growth. LAFCO also presides over any proposal to create a new city. For example, the future of the farmlands of the Salinas Valley will be decided by LAFCO. It’s hard to overstate the importance of what LAFCO does.

  • LandWatch Comments on Marina Coast Water District’s Proposal to Expand Its Service Area To Encompass All of Fort Ord
    LandWatch submitted a letter to both Marina Coast Water District and LAFCO on November 17th commenting on the Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration for proposed changes to the MCWD jurisdictional boundaries. The project would amend MCWD’s Sphere of Influence and expand its Service Area to include all of the former Fort Ord including lands within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army. MCWD currently provides service to this area as outlined in the 1998 Water/Wastewater Facilities Agreement between FORA and MCWD which expires when FORA sunsets. The proposed project would allow water and wastewater service to continue beyond the FORA expiration and provide customers the right to vote for MCWD Board of Directors. (12.10.11)
  • LandWatch Comments On The Aromas Water District’s Proposal To Increase Its Sphere of Influence To Include Two Neighborhoods In Monterey County
    LandWatch submitted a letter to the Aromas Water District and LAFCO on November 22nd regarding AWD’s proposal which includes: Sphere of Influence (SOI) amendment to add approximately 1,720 acres within the AWD’s SOI boundary within Monterey County; annexation of two existing subdivisions to the AWD and provision of domestic water service to approximately 72 existing homes; the annexation areas are within the proposed SOI amendment area; creation of an assessment district to finance improvements for the proposed annexation areas; and construction of water system improvements to serve the proposed annexation areas, which includes extension of water lines and construction of accessory water system improvements. LandWatch commented that the proposed delivery of water is an illegal appropriation/export out of the overdrafted groundwater Pajaro Valley Groundwater Basin to Via del Sol. Neither PVWMA nor Monterey County has the authority to grant approval for the out-of-basin transfer of Pajaro Valley Groundwater into the Moro Cojo/Salinas Valley Watershed. The PVWMA authorizing statue prohibits out of basin transfers, and there is no justification under California law or CEQA that allows PVWMA to ignore the overlying rights of Pajaro Valley landowners. (12.10.11)
  • LAFCO Public Member Holds “Open House”
    Vince DiMaggio serves as the “Public Member” on the Monterey County LAFCO. Mr. DiMaggio is now holding a monthly public get together, prior to the monthly LAFCO meeting, and if you’re interested in local land use policy, it’s a meeting not to miss! (08.04.03)
  • Request For Sphere Expansion Is Premature
    The City of Greenfield wants to expand onto commercially productive farmland. LandWatch says there’s no need to sacrifice that farmland now, and urges full environmental review. (01.20.03)

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