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LandWatch began engaging in state legislative issues in 2020 due to its direct impact on local and regional land use, transportation, water, and climate issues. This section of the website is divided by legislative sessions which spans two years.


This bill would make more locations available for housing by deeming a housing development project as an allowable use on a neighborhood lot on a parcel within an office or retail commercial area that is not adjacent to an industrial use.

Legislation Proposed: 2021
LW Position: Supported with Recommendations
Status: Died in Committee

This bill would facilitate more housing by allowing two residential units within a single-family residential zone to be considered ministerially, without discretionary review or hearing when specific criteria are met

Legislation Proposed: 2021
LW Position: Supported with Recommendations
Status: Signed into Law

This bill would permit a city or county to rezone transit-rich, jobs-rich, or urban infill areas for up to 10 units regardless of local restrictions such as a local voter initiative; exempt that rezoning action and any action to update the general plan for consistency from CEQA; and bar ministerial approval of residential or mixed-use projects over 10 units in these rezoned areas.

Legislation Proposed: 2021
LW Position: No Position Yet
Status: Signed into Law

This bill is the continuation of AB 345 as it would prohibit CalGEM from issuing new or modified oil and gas permits within 2,500 feet from sensitive receptors, starting 2023. SB 467 would also phase out well stimulation treatments (e.g., fracking, steam flooding, etc.).

Legislation Proposed: 2021
LW Position: Supported the Bill
Status: Failed in Committee

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