SB 467

This bill is the continuation of AB 345 as it would prohibit CalGEM from issuing new or modified oil and gas permits within 2,500 feet from sensitive receptors, starting 2023. SB 467 would also phase out well stimulation treatments (e.g., fracking, steam flooding, etc.).

LandWatch Position: Supported the Bill
Bill Status: Failed in Committee

Quick Facts

  • The legislation was proposed February 16, 2021 by Senators Weiner and Limón.
  • The bill modifies the Public Resource Code as it relates to oil and gas.
  • The bill’s status can be tracked online.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the legislative process in a variety of ways. For this bill, we’ve provided the following feedback:

  • Letter: LandWatch Signed onto a Group Letter (161K PDF)
    SB 467 focuses on the most dangerous forms of drilling first, and mandates that agencies make a plan for the transition of workers already vulnerable to employment fluctuations based on changes in the global market. The economic imperative to plan for an orderly transition, in conjunction with our state mandates to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, makes this the right time and the right way to plan for declining fossil fuel production in California. (04.02.21)
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