General Issues – Water

A sustainable water supply matters to us all. LandWatch has engaged in a variety of water-related topics that don’t fit within our usual categories. This section is a catch all for those outside the typical water topics.

LandWatch Position: Varies by Topic
Project Status: Varies by Topic

LandWatch Involvement

  • Extreme Water Issues in Monterey County
    The state is reviewing and conducting environmental analysis on the possibility of adding a four-mile tunnel to connect Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio, the latter of which reacts less during rain events than the former. LandWatch Attorney John Farrow commented that overpumping and seawater intrusion must be considered. (10.04.21)
  • Liberty Power Desal Project
    LandWatch raises concerns about a Canada-based company proposing a desalination plant in Moss Landing which would drill for water into the 180/400 foot deep well aquifer. Concerns include potentially high-water rates, climate and environmental issues, and over-capitalization. (08.06.21)
  • LandWatch Comments on Proposed County Code Modification (517K PDF)
    With regard to Referral 30 Desalination Amendment to County Code 10.72, LandWatch Monterey County opposes any effort to amend County Code Section 10.27 to allow or encourage the privatization of desalination projects. (07.26.21)
Policy Issues & Actions