Monterey County Wells & Ordinances

The Monterey County Board of Supervisors may at times consider ordinance changes and requests from agencies related to groundwater well pumping. In 2020, the Board considered an ordinance regarding regulating well permitting and considered the Monterey County Water Resources Agency’s (MCWRA) request to eliminate conditions for Deep Aquifer wells.

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LandWatch Involvement

  • New Water Wells Likely Require Environmental Review
    In a decision by the California Supreme Court, it is now understood that the process of permitting new water wells, if they have an environmental impact, must undergo California Environmental Quality Act review. LandWatch submitted substantive comments on this because of the seawater intrusion into the Salinas Valley groundwater basin. (12.24.20)
  • Letter: LandWatch Asks for Rejection of Ordinance and MCWRA Request (460K PDF)
    In the letter, our attorneys make three recommendations: (1) Reject the proposed revision of the County’s well permitting ordinance regulating issuing well permits; (2) Reject the provision in the proposed coastal well moratorium that would still permit additional wells in the Deep Aquifers; and (3) Reject the MCWRA Board of Directors request to remove conditions in existing permits for wells in the Deep Aquifers. (12.05.20)
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