General Plan Update and Measure E

Measure E will focus new growth into the existing Marina City limits via an urban growth boundary (UGB), including lands of the former Fort Ord. Measure E will protect the coast and stop a proposal to turn the Armstrong Ranch into a 3500 home subdivision. At the same time the City is updating its General Plan.

LandWatch Position: Supported the Measure
Project Status: General Plan Adopted, Measure E Passed

Quick Facts

  • The initiative was brought forward by Marina 2020 Vision with assistance from LandWatch.
  • The Marina UGB initiative would establish a set of General Plan policies to protect the coast, and to direct growth for the next 20 years into the existing city limits, and onto the lands of the former Fort Ord.
  • The City of Marina is the lead agency on the General Plan Update.

Project Status

  • The City Council adopted its General Plan (3.5M PDF) in October 2000.
  • The voters approved Measure E in November 2000 with 52.4% of the vote.
  • Voters approved the Marina Urban Growth Boundary as set forth in this text (274K PDF) and map (436K PDF).

Project Location Map

This map shows Planning Areas
for the City of Marina.

Full Size Map (94K PDF)
Credit: City of Marina, General Plan (December 2006)

Resources at Risk

  • Immediate Implementation of Measure E
    The staff suggests that the Council might “reschedule consideration” of how to implement Measure E “until after the statute of limitations for Measure E has run out.” This would delay implementation for 90 days. The voters of the City of Marina have adopted Measure E, and it is now the law of the City.
  • Plan Inconsistencies
    The Draft EIR suggests that the “conflict” between the Monterey County General Plan policies and the proposed Marina General Plan policies itself represents a significant adverse environmental impact associated with the implementation of the Draft General Plan, and that this impact would be reduced to a level of less than significant if the area were annexed to the City of Marina, and brought within its planning jurisdiction.
  • Impacts to Water
    State law requires a much more significant analysis of water availability that either the Draft General Plan or Draft EIR provide.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: Comments on the Implementation of Measure E (45K PDF)
    LandWatch submitted comments after the public voted to support Measure E. The three suggestions included: following the timeline outlined in the Measure, using the existing and newly adopted General Plan which incorporates the content of the Measure, and not simply applying an overlay for the urban growth boundary. (12.19.00)
  • Letter: Objections to the Certification of the Environmental Impact Report and Adoption of the General Plan (25K PDF)
    LandWatch raised concerns that public comments, including ours, were ignored and that the Environmental Impact Report should respond to the concerns. (11.02.00)
  • Letter: Comments on the Marina General Plan (139K PDF)
    LandWatch requests the City of Marina respond to these comments, and the comments of other organizations, agencies, and individuals, by revising and recirculating the Draft EIR. We believe this is necessary because of the need for significant new information and analysis, properly and adequately to identify potential adverse environmental impacts, and to recommend appropriate mitigation measures. (07.08.00)

Project History

  • Attorney Hired to Defend Anti-Sprawl Measure
    High Profile Attorney Michael Stamp has been hired to help defend the Anti-Sprawl Measure, Measure E, from a suit filed against them by developers.  The measure was passed in November 2000 by voters and the City challenged it.  That case was dismissed. Now developers have filed suit.  (01.17.02)
  • An Unlikely Coup in Marina
    Former State Parks employee Ken Gray is working to get a Marina Urban Growth Boundary approved for his beloved City of Marina.  His opposition comes from an existing Council member running for election: the Mayor.  Both men agree quality of life is an issue, but disagree on how to achieve it. (10.12.00)
  • A Report To LandWatch Members on Measure E
    Find out what the passage of Measure E, the Urban Growth Boundary initiative, means to Marina, and to the rest of Monterey County. Learn what future actions are to be expected. (11.18.00)
  • League of Women Voters Says Vote “Yes” on Measure E
    The League of Women Voters of the Monterey Peninsula Urges a “Yes” Vote on Marina’s Measure E, to establish an UGB in Marina. (2000)
  • Preliminary Comments on Draft Marina General Plan 
    The City of Marina is considering a new General Plan, and hearings are coming up soon. Please feel free to use these preliminary comments from LandWatch as the basis for a letter or public comment of your own. (07.28.00)
  • Important Meetings Coming Up For Marina General Plan Update
    Citizen participation can play a key role in Marina, as the City Council considers how to amend its currently outdated General Plan. Here are the key dates and data! (06.24.00)
  • A Precedent-setting UGB Vote Is Coming In November
    The Marina UGB initiative would establish a set of General Plan policies to protect the coast, and to direct growth for the next 20 years into the existing city limits, and onto the lands of the former Fort Ord. It would prevent, in other words, the kind of urban sprawl that is the preferred alternative of the Marina City Council. (6.24.00)

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