Archived Projects of Marina

The proposed Marina Heights development in Marina would result in the demolition of 828 existing housing units and would replace them with 1,050 new houses.

Project Proposed: 2002
LW Position: Opposed the Project

At buildout, the Marina Downtown Vitalization Specific Plan would allow 380,150 new square feet of multiple use, office/research, retail service, and public facilities. It would also permit 2,400 new dwelling units with over 90% of them multi-family residential.

Project Proposed: 2009
LW Position: Approvals Rescinded
Status: Awaiting Draft EIR

Measure E will focus new growth into the existing Marina City limits via an urban growth boundary, including lands of the former Fort Ord. At the same time the City is updating its General Plan.

Project Proposed: 2000
LW Position: Opposes the Project
Status: General Plan Adopted, Measure E Passed

Marina Station includes 1,360 homes, located on 320 acres of the Armstrong Ranch, within the city limits of Marina is the best large-scale development ever proposed in Monterey County.

Project Proposed: 2005
LW Position: Supports the Project
Status: Approved

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