Housing Element Update

To comply with the state’s requirement to update the housing element, the City of Del Rey Oaks approved a new element and submitted it to the state by the required deadline of December 31, 2019.

LandWatch Position: Lawsuit Filed
Project Status: Housing Element Approved

Quick Facts

  • The Housing Element was updated by the City of Del Rey Oaks.
  • The City of Del Rey Oaks is the lead agency.
  • The Housing Element hasn’t been updated since 1992.

Project Status

  • LandWatch sued the City over the Housing element in January 2020.
  • The City approved the Housing Element on December 17, 2019.
  • The City considered the draft Housing element on November 25, 2019.
  • The Initial Study/Negative Declaration for the draft Housing Element was released October 24, 2019, but was updated in December 2019.

Project Location Map

The Housing Element zoning applies to
the entirety of the City of Del Rey Oaks.

Full Size Map (1.5M PDF)
Credit: City of Del Rey Oaks (Initial Study/Negative Declaration) October 2019

Resources at Risk

  • Significant Impacts
    The Housing Element was adopted with a Negative Declaration stating there were no significant impacts to the environment.
  • Water Supplies
    Several parcels are above the already overdrafted Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin and pumping would further deplete the groundwater.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: LandWatch Comments on the Housing Element (134K PDF)
    LandWatch comments about affirmatively furthering fair housing efforts and points out that the 241 acre Site 1 in Fort Ord, which is quite isolated from services and opportunities, may not be ideal. On the Site 1A, 18.5-acres, some of this land could be retained for affordable housing. (06.07.21)
  • Lawsuit: LandWatch Files Lawsuit Against Del Rey Oaks (237K PDF)
    The Housing Element approved by the City Council of Del Rey Oaks fails to consider the environmental impacts and failed to keep its Housing Element current. (01.03.20)
  • Letter: LandWatch Relays CEQA and Housing Element Concerns (9.7M PDF)
    After conversations with the City and City Attorney, LandWatch was unable to support either Housing Element being proposed by staff. The issues relate to compliance with CEQA, groundwater pumping, and the availability of land for housing—among other topics. (12.16.19)

Project History

  • Del Rey Oaks Wants to Build, But Has No Water
    An opportunities and constraints report will be presented to the Del Rey Oaks City Council that outlines the primary constraint–lack of water. LandWatch has been keeping an eye on this area within the former Fort Ord. (10.26.21)
  • Plan Ignores Impacts and Water
    The Council voted 4-1 to adopt the new Housing Element—just in time for the state’s December 31st deadline—but the plan lacked essential information. This plan approval prompted a lawsuit by LandWatch on CEQA and lack of water sustainability. (01.04.20)
  • Del Rey Oaks Approves Plan and Gets Sued
    Trying to meet a December 31st deadline the Del Rey Oaks City Council approved its updated housing plan on December 17th—its first update in 27 years. LandWatch promptly filed a lawsuit focused on lack of water supply and impacts to the environment. (01.04.20)
  • LandWatch Raises Concerns on Housing Plan
    While the initial invitation to LandWatch to sit at the table and discuss the Housing Element was a welcoming one, that changed.  The City’s lack of analysis for water on a specific parcel of former Fort Ord lands coupled with other concerns turned talks sour. (12.26.19)
  • Del Rey Oaks Drafts Housing Plan
    The City of Del Rey Oaks plans to adopt its new Housing Element prior to the deadline of December 31st. Included in the mix is the requirement to build 86 units of varying levels of affordability. (12.10.19)
  • Council to Consider new Housing Element
    On December 17, the City of Del Rey Oaks has a public hearing to consider its new Housing Element, which focuses on becoming compliant with state laws. Specifically, the effort to meet the state’s allocated Regional Housing Needs Assessment numbers for the city. (12.10.19)

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