General Plan Update

The City of Seaside is undergoing a comprehensive General Plan update where the vision for the community will be established and new policies written for how the community grows.

LandWatch Position: Comments Submitted
Project Status: In Progress

Project Status

  • The City is hosting public workshops to gather information on the community’s desires.

LandWatch Involvement

  • Letter: Opposing Zoning Ordinance (524K PDF)
    LandWatch opposes voting to reaffirm consistency of the comprehensive updates to the zoning ordinance, amending Title 17 of the Seaside Municipal Code. Concerns include: zoning consistency with the Fort Ord Regional Urban Design Guidelines, consistency with noise standards, and piecemealing (instead of completing a comprehensive) consistency determinations with a General Plan currently under update. (03.14.18)
  • Letter: Comments on the Seaside General Plan (618K PDF)
    The City of Seaside is currently undergoing a General Plan Update. LandWatch supports the City’s vision of infill, mixed-use, and bicycle-friendly and pedestrian-friendly development, as described in the draft Seaside General Plan Update (GPU). However, in order to achieve this vision, the GPU will need to be substantially refined. These changes are detailed in our January 2018 letter. (01.26.18)
  • Letter: Comments on the Housing Element (563K PDF)
    LandWatch submitted comments identifying how the draft Housing Element can be strengthened, particularly in relation to including clear, objective implementing measures. (08.22.17)

Project History

  • Seaside Plans to Develop, Even Without Water
    A three-event charrette focused on getting answers from residents about development in Seaside. Water supply seems to be the biggest constraint. LandWatch and Keep Fort Ord Wild are in a settlement agreement with the City about a cap on the number of units based on water availability–that number has already been exceeded. (11.04.21)
  • Seaside Housing Element Meeting
    Join the City of Seaside for a meeting on its General Plan Update on Wednesday, August 23 at 7 PM at City Hall. (08.21.17)
  • Seaside Wants Your Input
    If you were unable to attend the City of Seaside General Plan public workshop on February 27th, have no fear there is an online way to provide feedback. Attend “virtually” by completing this online survey by March 10, 2017. (03.02.17)
  • Seaside Open House on February 27, 2017
    The City of Seaside is updating its General Plan for the community. The second open house is on February 27, 2017 between 6 PM and 8 PM. It is a “drop-in” type format at the Oldemeyer Center (986 Hilby Avenue, Seaside). This particular meeting focuses on the location and character of future development and transportation in Seaside. Please drop in any time to mingle with staff and the planning team, and learn more about the draft General Plan land use designations and circulation networks in Seaside. (02.27.17)

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