Plans for the new Master Plan of the Presidio of Monterey include two locations, the Presidio of Monterey (POM) and the Ord Military Community (OMC). Improvements focus on modernizing or replacing aging classrooms and dormitories and improving transportation circulation within the POM.

LandWatch Position: Comments Submitted
Project Status: Unknown

Quick Facts

  • The project applicant is the Department of the Army.
  • The project would modernize or replace existing classrooms and dorms and improve circulation.
  • The Department of the Army is the lead agency.

Project Status

  • Public meetings were held in May and June 2011.
  • The Army completed an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • An expected update is coming soon according the Army’s website.

Project Location Map

This map shows the details of the
Presidio of Monterey project.

Full Size Map (410K PDF)
Credit: United States Army, Record of Decision (August 2013)

This map shows the details of the
Ord Military Community project.

Full Size Map (356K PDF)
Credit: United States Army, Record of Decision (August 2013)

Resources at Risk

  • Impacts to Climate Change
    While the DEIS includes extensive discussion of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and related regulations, it fails to include an analysis of the impacts of the project’s GHG emissions on climate change even through the long-range daily CO2 emissions are estimated to be over 12,000 lbs/day.
  • Impacts to Water Supply
    The DEIS finds there would be insufficient water available for the POM-centric alternative. Mitigation measures include water transfers from the OMC to the POM or water from the RUWAP or the Regional Project. A more complete evaluation of the availability of water for the long-term project should be included in the FEIS.
  • Impacts to Traffic
    Mitigation measures were identified that would reduce traffic impacts to less than significant. The FEIS should identify the feasibility of implementing these measures and the schedule and funding for each measure, e.g., Del Monte Widening Capital Improvement Project.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

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