Open Space Initiative

Citizen activists in Pacific Grove will soon be collecting signatures on a proposed initiative measure, to restrict future construction in areas within Pacific Grove that are zoned “O,” for “Open Space.” If qualified for the ballot and enacted by the voters, the proposed initiative measure would add a new section to the Pacific Grove Municipal Code, providing that: “No new buildings beyond those that exist on the effective date of this ordinance shall be permitted in the “O” zone. Enlargement of any existing building in the “O” zone is permitted if the enlargement does not exceed 40% of the gross floor area as it exists on the effective date of this ordinance. Variances to the provisions of this section shall not be permitted.”

  • If you’d like to find out more, or would like to sign the initiative petition, or help collect signatures, you should contact Residents 4 Reasonable Remodel, at Box 433, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. You may also contact Lorna Torkos at 831-372-8627. (04.12.04)

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