Seaside Highlands Lawsuit

The lawsuit (Kaatz v. City of Seaside et al.) claims that the City of Seaside failed to follow legal requirements, and failed to obtain adequate compensation for the land that Seaside sold to the developers.

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Quick Facts

  • The legal challenge regarding the value of land Seaside sold to KB Homes.
  • The plaintiff is Benjamin Kaatz and the defendants are the City of Seaside and K&B Bakewell Seaside Venture LLC.

Resources at Risk

  • Land Prices Were Under Valued
    The lawsuit alleges that last year’s conveyance of prime real estate to the developers for $5.95 million did not come even close to recovering the true value of the land for the public, and was unlawful, and should be set aside.
  • Homeowners Must be Aware of Pending Litigation
    Obviously, potential homebuyers need to know the status of the litigation.
    “It is critically important that potential homebuyers and members of the public have easy access to the detailed court documents in this taxpayer action,” said Gary Patton, Executive Director of LandWatch Monterey County. “That’s why we’re putting the documents on the LandWatch website. Ownership of the lots that KB Homes is proposing to sell is at stake in the litigation. Homebuyers have the right to know what the parties in the lawsuit are arguing and what the Court is ruling. Since the lawsuit is brought on behalf of the public, members of the public also have a vital interest in the court proceedings.”

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Press Release: LandWatch Announces That Court Documents Will Go Online
    LandWatch Monterey County and the Law Offices of Jay P. Renneisen, counsel for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the Seaside Highlands development, have announced that key pleadings and court documents will now be available on the internet, at two different locations. Having easy access to the key documents in this lawsuit will be of assistance both to potential homebuyers and to members of the public. (10.06.03)

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