Housing Element Update

The City of Seaside is updating its General Plan Housing Element and lacks strong affordable housing policies.

LandWatch Position: Supported Stronger Policy Language
Project Status: Approved

Quick Facts

  • The project expands the space for multiple use, office/research and retail and permits 2,400 new units.
  • The City of Seaside is the lead agency.

Project Status

  • The Final Environmental Impact Report (18M PDF) for the General Plan was complete in January 2004.
  • The General Plan was approved by the City of Seaside in August 2005.
  • The Housing Element (352K PDF) was updated by the City in August 2010.

Project Location Map

This map shows the Seaside City
Boundaries and Special Study Areas.

Full Size Map (225K PDF)
Credit: City of Seaside, General Plan (August 2003)

Resources at Risk

  • Stronger Affordable Housing Language
    The proposed affordable housing policy states, “Not less than 20% of total new or substantially rehabilitated residential units constructed within the North Seaside area shall be affordable to households of very low, low, and moderate income status.” We think that the specified percentage could (and should) be higher, and that the policy should specifically commit the city to maintaining the permanent affordability of all such units, as a key part of its policy. Other policy statements would also assist in providing more affordable housing.
  • Poor Evaluation of Water Supply Needs
    When the Planning Commission met to consider the draft Housing Element, members of the public were interested in a further opportunity to be involved, and the Planning Commission (urged to this position by the city staff) refused to schedule another meeting to involve the public. It’s not too late to get the public involved. We hope you will do so. We request the City of Seaside to defer action on the Housing Element until after the city has, in fact, given the public the right to learn about, and comment on, the proposed Housing Element.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter:  Comments on Draft Housing Element (87K PDF)
    LandWatch comments include concerns about the lack of required implementation of the policies, that housing should be focused in the core of Seaside, and suggests more smart growth policies be included. (08.21.17)
  • Letter: Request to Defer Action on the Housing Element (99K PDF)
    LandWatch requests the City of Seaside to defer action on the Housing Element until after the city has, in fact, given the public the right to learn about, and comment on, the proposed Housing Element. (05.14.03)
  • Letter: Comments on the Workforce Housing Study (156K PDF)
    LandWatch believes that Seaside (and the other FORA jurisdictions) should “accentuate the positive,” and seek to “eliminate the negative” where affordable housing is concerned. (04.16.03)
  • Letter: Comments on the Notice of Preparation for the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (96K PDF)
    LandWatch urges the City of Seaside to prepare a draft General Plan Update document in advance of environmental review, and to hear from the public prior to making decisions about what, specifically, ought to be included in the City of Seaside General Plan Update. (04.07.03)
  • Letter: Urges Permanent Housing Affordability (82K PDF)
    LandWatch believes that local officials should be trying to maximize the public benefit that will be provided by the future reuse of these lands, and we believe that providing permanently affordable housing ought to be at the top of the list. (02.06.03)
  • Letter: Urges Affordable Housing Policy (116K PDF)
    LandWatch urges the Seaside City Council to strengthen the proposed “Policy Regarding Affordable Housing Development on the Former Fort Ord (North Seaside).” (01.14.02)

Project History

  • Housing Workshop on 2/5
    The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) is hosting a forum called “Seaside Housing 101.” The event is Monday, February 5th at 5:30 PM at the Oldemeyer Center (986 Hilby Avenue, Seaside). The purpose of the forum is to build more awareness of the City of Seaside’s housing efforts and MBEP’s housing initiative aimed at increasing housing supply across our region that addresses all income levels. Register online. (01.31.18)

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