General Issues – Gonzales

Gonzales includes many acres of important agricultural lands, which require thoughtful planning and careful consideration on many levels. Many of the issues relate to the conversion of farmland, the lack of affordable housing, and traffic impacts.

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Del Rincon Apartments

  • Letter: LandWatch Supports Affordable Units (498K PDF)
    The City of Gonzales is considering a 41 unit project consisting of two and three bedroom units. LandWatch submitted a support letter for the project because it complies with the General Plan and creates much needed affordable units. (01.17.19)
  • Governor Promises New Housing
    Governor Newsom all but promised 3.5 million units to be built in the state. Newsom also promised streamlining for some units, affordable units like Del Rincon cost quite a bit. LandWatch’s Michael DeLapa says, “the devil is in the details.”  (01.17.19)

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