Archived Projects in Gonzales

Gonzales includes many acres of important agricultural lands, which require thoughtful planning and careful consideration on many levels. Many of the issues relate to the conversion of farmland, the lack of affordable housing, and traffic impacts.

LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

The City of Gonzales launched its 2010 revision of the City’s General Plan. The City is currently working with Monterey County on a Memorandum of Agreement that expands the City’s Sphere of Influence.

Project Proposed: 2010
LW Position: Achieved Southern Growth Boundary
Status: Approved

Granite Construction is proposing a new quarry on 333 acres in the foothills northeast of Gonzales. It would operate for the next 113 years. Included in the project is an aggregate open pit mine (using explosives to blast hillsides away), a hot asphalt plant, a Portland cement plant, and asphalt and concrete recycling facilities.

Project Proposed: 2006
LW Position: Reviewed, No Position
Status: Approved

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