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The City of Salinas holds important stature in the agricultural world and proposed developments could greatly impact the region, the economy, and the water supply. LandWatch remains engaged on land use decisions in this area.

The City of Salinas is drafting an Economic Development Plan within its existing (2002) General Plan to create jobs and generate revenue. The City recognizes the region to be one of the epicenters of agricultural production in the nation. The City wants to capitalize on the agricultural components and add business innovation and agricultural technology.

Project Proposed: April 2014
LW Position:
 Comments Submitted
Project Status: Approved by City Council

Salinas Valley includes many acres of important agricultural lands, which require thoughtful planning and careful consideration on many levels. Many of the issues relate to the conversion of farmland, the lack of affordable housing, and traffic impacts.

LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

The future growth of Salinas will have very significant impacts on the Monterey County economy and environment, and the kind of housing provided, as growth occurs, will have a determinative impact on social equity issues. The General Plan Update adopted by the Salinas City Council in 2002 proposes the conversion of over 3,000 acres of prime farmland, to accommodate new developments.

Project Proposed: 2002
LW Position: Supported Inclusionary Housing
Status: Plan Approved

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