Archived Projects from Greenfield

Greenfield includes many acres of important agricultural lands, which require thoughtful planning and careful consideration on many levels. Many of the issues relate to the conversion of farmland, the lack of affordable housing, and traffic impacts.

LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

The City of Greenfield prepared a General Plan Update and proposed major annexations of commercially productive agricultural land, to allow significant new residential and commercial development. Future land use decisions in Greenfield raise important planning policy questions.

Project Proposed: 2002
LW Position: Opposed
Status: Approved

The City of Greenfield proposes the Walnut Avenue Specific Plan which encompasses a 62.6 acre project site proposed a maximum development capacity of 445,000 square feet of commercial use, 220 high-density dwelling units, and useable recreation and open space of up to about two acres.

Project Proposed: 2012
LW Position: Commented on DEIR
Status: Accepting Comments

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