General Issues – Greenfield

Greenfield is considering multiple projects that would impact its agricultural lands. LandWatch remains engaged on these land use issues.

LandWatch Position: Varies by Topic
Project Status: Varies by Topic

Greenfield Commons

  • Letter: LandWatch Supports Greenfield Commons Housing project (496K PDF)
    LandWatch supports the Greenfield Commons housing project because of its density, proximity to schools, shopping, and public services.  Further, it is consistent with smart growth principles. Focusing on the need for housing agricultural workers is another key amenity. (01.11.21)

Walnut & 3rd Agricultural Worker Housing

  • LandWatch Supports Greenfield Agricultural Worker Housing (456K PDF)
    LandWatch is pleased to support the agricultural worker housing project that Avila Construction proposed. The project serves a critical need for clean, safe, convenient, and affordable housing for as many as 1,344 agricultural workers. The project will facilitate access to public and employee-provided transportation, thus reducing carbon emissions and traffic. We urge the City’s timely approval of the project. (09.19.18)

Salinas Valley
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