Miramonte Specific Plan Annexation

The proposed annexation of the Miramonte Specific Plan area is under consideration by County for incorporation in to the City of Soledad.

LandWatch Position: Comments Submitted
Project Status: Comments in Review

Project Location Map

The Miramonte Annexation is north and east of the 101 Freeway.

The proposed Miramonte Annexation shown in red on an aerial image.

View the Miramonte Annexation Plan Map. (291K PDF)

LandWatch Involvement

  • Letter: LandWatch Urges County to Delay Miramonte Reconsideration
    LandWatch respectfully asks that you defer consideration of Agenda item 34 (Approve Property Tax Transfer for the proposed “Miramonte Reorganization”) because the staff reports doesn’t not make clear how the property transfer tax will impact Monterey County residents. (01.24.22)
  • Letter: LandWatch Submits Comments on Miramonte Specific Plan Annexation (77K PDF)
    LandWatch had submitted a Public Records Act Request following its review of the March 31, 2020 email to Soledad from Darren McBain of LAFCO regarding the completion and evaluation of the annexation application. LandWatch urges the City to respond carefully and completely in completing the application because of the significant issues it raises. We also request additional records. (10.14.20)

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