Town of Carmel Valley

After a 10-year struggle to preserve the unique beauty and quality of life in Carmel Valley, on June 2, 2009, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors finally gave local residents the chance to create their own town by setting the date for the election. Citizens in Carmel Valley voted on November 3, 2009 to decide whether or not to create the Town of Carmel Valley.

LandWatch Position: Supported the Measure
Project Status: Measure Failed to Get Enough Votes

Quick Facts

  • Carmel Valley is currently facing seven major developments, including Rancho Cañada which would build 300 homes at the mouth of the valley. The cumulative impact of these seven developments would be more than 950 new homes and more than 9,000 additional daily car trips on Carmel Valley Road.
  • The best way for the citizens to address the concerns about irresponsible development in Carmel Valley is to create a new town where locally elected representatives can be held accountable.
  • The opponents of incorporation are the same well-funded development interests that fought against Measure A, the same interests which have fought against LandWatch for years. They will raise much more than the Citizens for Carmel Valley who want to create a new town. But the people who care about good land use don’t need to match the development interests dollar for dollar, they just need to raise enough to counter their distortions and get the true facts out to the voters.

Project Status

  • The plan to incorporate Carmel Valley (Measure G on the November 3, 2009 ballot) failed 52.5% (no) – 47.5% (yes).

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch took a stand on this issue several years ago and now that Citizens for Carmel Valley has launched its campaign, LandWatch reiterates its enthusiastic endorsement! We are calling on LandWatch members, whether they live in Carmel Valley or not, to support this effort in every way they can!

Project History

  • Vote to Occur on Carmel Valley Incorporation
    The impending decision on the proposed Rancho Cañada Village could be in the hands of the City Council if the ballot measure sees success on its incorporation.  The Village project proposes around 280 units and residents would like a say in the matter instead of allowing the Supervisors to decide its fate. (09.24.09)

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