Measure M Initiative

Measure M seeks to focus development on the existing blight through the preservation of 540 acres on the Fort Ord.

LandWatch Position: Endorsed the Measure
Project Status: Measure Failed to Get Enough Votes

Quick Facts

  • The Fort Ord Access Alliance gathered enough signatures to quality this initiative (Measure M) for the November 2013 ballot.
  • LandWatch supports the Measure.

Resources at Risk

  • Loss of Recreation Areas
    The purpose of the Alliance initiative is to maintain access to 540 acres of popular public recreation areas and to focus positive development on the urbanized footprint of former Fort Ord. Key access points to the Fort Ord National Monument are protected in the initiative language which also enforces habitat stewardship included the original 1997 Base Reuse Plan.

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: Comments on the Consistency Resolution (115K PDF)
    LandWatch objects to the proposed resolution finding the 2010 General Plan to be consistent with FORA’s Fort Ord Reuse. The FORA Act requires that FORA certify consistency with the Fort Ord Reuse Plan before the County’s 2010 General Plan’s and its Fort Ord Master Plan becomes effective in the Fort Ord area Plan. (08.26.13)

Project History

  • Awaiting Ballot Returns for Measure M
    Measure M authors and supporters gather for the election night party to await the returns.  Measure M author Kay Cline is ready for it to be over.  Others are cautiously optimistic.  Around 9:30 PM both Measures K and M are defeated.  (11.07.13)
  • Measure M is On the Ballot
    FOAA has qualified an initiative for the November 2013 ballot. The measure protects 540 acres and key access points on the Fort Ord National Monument. (08.16.13)
  • Monterey Herald Captures Board Vote
    The Board of Supervisors voted to advance a key land use policy related to Ford Ord. Though County staff had requested a continuance and one Supervisor wasn’t present for the discussion, the Board voted (3-1 with Supervisor Parker the lone dissenting vote) to approve a resolution stating the County’s 2010 General Plan is consistent with the Fort Ord Reuse Authority’s Base Reuse Plan. (08.27.13)
  • Measure M Volunteers Needed
    LandWatch Monterey County endorsed Measure M because it would preserve 540 beautiful acres and focuses development on existing blight on the former Fort Ord. We urge your YES vote on Measure M and we hope you get involved in one of three ways to support the campaign: phone banking, precinct walking or donating. (09.27.13)

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