Marks Ranch

The Fletcher Company (developers of the Las Palmas Ranch subdivision on River Road) wants to extend Las Palmas “over the hill” in a massive expansion of suburban development with 275 houses.

LandWatch Position: Opposed the Project
Project Status: Land Conserved

Quick Facts

  • The project applicant is The Fletcher Company.
  • The project would change the land use designation from an educational campus to a suburban development.
  • The County of Monterey is the lead agency.
  • The project is governed by the policies of the 1982 Monterey County General Plan.

Project Status

  • The site was acquired for conservation purposes by the Big Sur Land Trust.

Resources at Risk

  • Change in Land Use Designation
    Herman Marks donated the Marks Ranch for educational purposes. This portion of the property was never used for education and left in its natural state. The Fletcher Company proposes to change the land use designation to residential.
  • Loss of Natural Resources
    The Marks Ranch is contiguous with the existing Toro Regional Park and makes for a perfect opportunity to grow this highly enjoyed recreational area. It too was donated by Herman Marks.

Project History

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