Aromas Water District

The Aromas Water District and Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO) on November 22, 2011 regarding AWD’s Sphere of Influence (SOI) amendment to add approximately 1,720 acres within the District’s Sphere of Influence (SOI) boundary within Monterey County.

LandWatch Position: Carefully Reviewed With Concerns
Project Status: Approved

Quick Facts

  • The project application is the Aromas Water District.
  • The proposed annexation includes two existing subdivisions to the Aromas Water District and provision of domestic water service to approximately 72 existing homes; the annexation areas are within the proposed SOI amendment area.
  • The proposal also includes the creation of assessment district to finance improvements for proposed annexation areas and the construction of water system improvements to serve the proposed annexation areas, which includes extension of water lines and construction of accessory water system improvements.
  • The Aromas Water District is the lead agency.
  • The project is governed by the policies of the 2010 Monterey County General Plan.

Project Status

This map shows the proposed proposed annexation and sphere of influence amendment.

Full Size Image (272K PDF file)

Credit: Aromas Water District, Initial Study (November 2011)

LandWatch Involvement

LandWatch engages in the public process in a variety of ways. For this project, here is a list of our engagement strategies.

  • Letter: Comments on the District’s Proposal To Annex 1,720 Acres Into Service Area (112K PDF)
    LandWatch raised questions about the legality of the proposed delivery of water out of the overdrafted groundwater Pajaro Valley Groundwater Basin to Via del Sol. We stated that neither PVWMA nor Monterey County has the authority to grant approval for the out-of-basin transfer of Pajaro Valley Groundwater into the Moro Cojo/Salinas Valley Watershed. The PVWMA authorizing statue prohibits out of basin transfers, and there is no justification under California law or CEQA that allows PVWMA to ignore the overlying rights of Pajaro Valley landowners. (11.22.11)

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